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Proactive, Aggressive, Innovative.

“You must be guilty of something, right?” … sound familiar? The majority of prosecutor’s and law enforcement officials seem to focus their careers on the concept that if there is an allegation made against you, then you must have done something wrong. They will do whatever they can to find a way to convict you.  Our criminal justice system leverages the threat of significant confinement, its access to limitless resources, and the prospect of collateral consequences to focus on a chosen suspect and get a conviction by any means possible.  Unfortunately, during this process of investigation, often over minor transgressions, the chosen suspect is often ostracized by his community, and loses time, money, friends and liberties.

However, our criminal justice system was founded on much more respectable ideals. In 1785, Benjamin Franklin wrote,“it is better (one hundred) guilty Persons should escape than one innocent person should suffer.”

Our firm will do more than just react to the prosecution.  We are dedicated to innovative strategizing to create opportunities for you.  We will relentlessly conduct active investigations, write motions, make discovery demands, and negotiate to push the case in your favor.

Aggressive representation is not reactionary.  It's about being proactive.  The Prosecution goes into every case with the backing of law enforcement.  No one hears your side of the story and if they do it is usually used against you.  Change the paradigm by hiring a firm that will not sit idle as your rights are trampled upon. 

Weiss and Stepanian LLP is dedicated in providing aggressive representation for those criminally charged.  We do not believe in simply waiting for your case to get better.  We actively and aggressively pursue affirmative defenses and will always seek to defend the individual liberties provided to you by the Constitution.

Superior results for our clients time and time again through aggressive advocacy and passionate representation.

Trust Weiss and Stepanian LLP to work hard and earn the results you deserve. You will not get a “cookie cutter” approach to your case. We pride ourselves on achieving superior results for our clients time and time again through aggressive advocacy and passionate representation.


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