11 year max, but now doing life for attempting to kill an officer.

Nicholas Smit,  was facing 11 years for numerous drug and related charges.  He was released from custody pending his trial.  So what does he do, (probably trying to help his defense attorney,) he makes booby traps designed to kill the officer involved in his case.  No officers get hurt, but he does get LIFE +40 years behind bars.  The  California Court of Appeals, 4th Appellate District Division 3, agreed with the Riverside County Trial Court located in Murrietta, and ruled a zip gun, usually a home made single shot pistol, does qualify as a personal firearm under Penal Code 12022.53(b).  That didn't really effect his sentence too much much as each one of those enhancements carry an additional 10 years.  Mr. Smit got four consecutive Life terms +40 years.  


Moral of the story, there are better ways of helping out your case!