Fraud/Financially Motivated Crimes 

Fraud and other  financially motivated crimes are committed for monetary gain and are sometimes called white collar crimes.  Financially motivated crimes including Credit Card fraud, forgery, Medicare fraud, real estate fraud, certain types of identify theft, ponzi schemes, and other complex transactions that usually generate huge amounts of data and reports.  Law enforcement has government experts on its side that review reports and make conclusions supporting a criminal complaint.  

The skills and experience of an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney who has the expertise to handle your matter effectively and hires only the best experts to defend you is crucial.  Hiring the right criminal defense attorney could mean the difference between a prison sentence and going home in time to sleep in your own bed.  Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to your legal defense and don’t let indecision negatively impact your case.  Hire us immediately and we will make sure witnesses are interviewed, documents read and evidence preserved for your trial.

If you are charged with any of the crimes below call us immediately.
Medicare fraud
Credit Card theft
Grand Theft
Real Estate Fraud
Mortgage Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Theft of Trade Secrets