Property Crimes

 Thefts and Breaking and Entering are all considered property crimes.  Property Crimes can be filed as infractions, Misdemeanors and even Felonies. 

 For example, Penal Code §459 defines burglary as entering a building with the intent to commit theft or a felony therein.  There are different degrees of Burglary, which directly impact the punishment and the consequences of a conviction.  The punishment for Burglary is serious. It is can be considered a serious felony subjecting you to California's Three Strikes laws. Sentences can range from probation to state prison for up to 6 years.

Theft is the most common property crime.  Theft can range from petty theft to grand theft.  Usually three factors affect how a theft case is filed.  First, it’s the value of the goods taken, second, it’s when the intent was formed to commit the theft, and third, the prosecution looks at the prior history of the suspect.

 It’s best to carefully review the police report(s) and make sure that the corresponding charged theft/burglary is the appropriate degree.  Often times the degree of Theft/Burglary you are charged with will determine how you may be sentenced.  A lot can be done to alter the cases trajectory in your favor.  Witnesses need to be interviewed, motions can presented to the Court, and your police reports have to carefully reviewed so the charges can be mitigated and the case is set up for a positive jury verdict. 

You don’t have to face the Courts and the District Attorney’s Office on your own.  We will be in the trenches with you and you’re family fighting for justice.

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