Substance Abuse/DUI

In general it is illegal to knowingly have contact with any controlled substance without a prescription.  If you are charged with coming in contact with a controlled substance listed in California Health & Safety Code §11054(f) the prosecution is not required to prove that the substance was capable of having a stimulant effect. 

Drug charges can include possession for personal use, trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution of narcotics.  Penalties can range from a simple infraction with a small fine to state prison time.  A conviction for a minor drug crime can make it difficult for you to get a job, get a state license, and find a place to live, or be accepted to College.

There are a number of diversion programs that offer treatment rather than incarceration for certain drug crimes. Certain type of diversion programs also allow you to expunge your record or have a case dismissed so that it does not appear on your criminal record.

We pride ourselves at being able to creatively work around the restrictive guidelines to help get our clients into the drug treatment programs they need rather than incarceration.

If you are charged with:

Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Cocaine or Cocaine Base (Crack Cocaine)

Possession of Meth/Methamphetamine

Possession of Marijuana for Sale

Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale

Possession of Cocaine or Cocaine Base for Sale

Transportation of a Controlled Substance

Weight Enhancements

Weapons Enhancements

Other Drug Programs

Medicinal Marijuana



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